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   ID	         Summary

  • 815 keep document structure (hierarchy) for requirement containers
  • 834 Cannot define predicate on upward traceability
  • 846 Predicates on the value of a link attribute
  • 848 technical: refactor code concerning deletion of traceability link

First support for images: can import images contained in requirement text from word documents and can then visualize them through a dedicated image view.

bug fixes

Bug ID Summary

  • 626 Cannot edit custom attribute on imported requirements
  • 786 Cannot delete links if traceability path does not end with ".traceability"
  • 814 Word import creates several requirements with same ID in some cases
  • 821 Wrong algorithm to create requirement sections when importing word document
  • 826 Cannot delete requirement created with "local" requirement source
  • 831 Cannot delete links created in a project physically outside of current workspace
  • 835 StringEqual predicate shall allow empty value
  • 838 Cannot create local requirement source if another one is not more available
  • 847 - updates on traceability links are not saved immediately

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