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   ID	         Summary
  • 376 OCL support on Mars release
  • 514 Traceability Table view improvement
  • 269 Automatically generate requirements' ID
  • 626 Cannot edit custom attribute on imported requirements
  • 703 Predefined attributes for links
  • 704 Traceability link status as mandatory attribute
  • 705 visualize images contained in imported requirements

First support for images: can import images contained in requirement text from word documents and can then visualize them through a dedicated image view.

bug fixes

Bug ID Summary

  • 365 Display of ReqCycle Requirement
  • 38 Traceability removal in the traceability view
  • 203 Multi line requirement description can not be seen (only first line)
  • 257 Copyright missing for IVersion Manager class and wrong returned type
  • 301 Delete all the versions of a datamodel at once
  • 315 Delete the in-memory repository source while deleting the .reqcycle file
  • 318 Fix requirement's saving
  • 505 Traceability links are not shown immediately in a new row table
  • 625 CSV export stopped working after import of a reqIF file
  • 642 some characters used in requirement source name cause errors later in use of those requirements
  • 663 empty text instead of null by default
  • 664 NPE on requirement view if requirement text is null
  • 665 Creation of local requirements has no scope
  • 699 NPE with empty link attribute value
  • 700 Traceability table does not show properties for links
  • 506 Update of part of the ATM tutorial
  • 246 Fix rmf import with xhtml text content
  • 701 Traceability treeview shall allow deleting only internal links (created through ReqCycle)
  • 627 Traceability export (xls or csv) does not mention model element qualified name
  • 690 locate a requirement leads to empty window
  • 28 requirements hard to visualize when no styling model is applied

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