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This work is developed by Obeo and sponsored by Ericsson.


You start by configuring your Mylyn repository with the URL of your Tuleap trackers. You can retrieve the reports saved on the Tuleap server and execute them directly from Eclipse but you can also create your own queries by defining precisely your own critera.

A custom query in the Mylyn Connector for Tuleap

When you open an artifact, you can use an editor parameterized by the definition of the tracker that you have created in Tuleap. This editor lets you edit your tasks directly from Eclipse. You can now freely download and upload attachments from this editor.

Editing a Tuleap artifact in Mylyn

When a task is activated, the technical artifacts that you manipulate will be saved and the Package Explorer view will be filtered to display only the artifacts relevant to your work on this task. You can also store the context of your task directly as an attachment.

The context of the artifact

And of course, you can retrieve it in a couple of clicks.

Retrieval of the context of the artifact

When your task is activated, other tools can leverage the connection with Mylyn Context to adapt their behavior. As an example, EGit, the Eclipse Git tooling, will use the name and the state of the currently activated task to fill the message of your next commit.

Using Mylyn metadata in EGit

Finally you can also attach a screenshot by using the dedicated tooling which let you take it directly from Eclipse. You will have the opportunity to edit the screenshot with various annotations.

Attaching files to a Tuleap artifact

This work is open source and available on Github under the Eclipse Public License. All milestones and integration builds that have been published can be found on Github too.