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Capella Official Beta version
1.4.0 end of 2019 1.4.0-S20190607


1.3.x 1.3.0

1.3.1 New.png

1.2.x 1.2.0



see related (Release Notes)

What is planned in upcoming version ?

  • Actor refactoring: Define Actors as generic components for enhanced consistency and reuse capabilities
  • Display consistency: Components on diagrams will now have the same look than it appears on project explorer.
  • Cybersecurity: A new viewpoint for cybersecurity will be released for Capella. It will allows to define Threats, Security Needs, Primary Assets.
  • Capella capabilities: Disabling some capabilities of Capella shall be more customizable

Compatibility / Download

The following tables summarize the different compatibilities/dependencies for a specific version of Capella:


Description of addons is here: [1]

Click on headers or cell links for downloading corresponding versions.

Capella Subsystem-Transition Requirements Filtering Basic-Viewpoints xhtml-docgen M2Doc PVMT Team for Capella
1.4.x 1.4.x 0.11.x 1.4.x 1.4.0 1.4.0 1.4.x 1.4.x 1.4.x
1.3.x 1.3.x (1.3.0)(1.3.1)New.png 0.10.x (1.3.0)(1.3.1)New.png 1.3.x (1.3.1)New.png 1.3.0 1.3.0 1.3.x 1.3.x site dropin 1.3.x
1.2.x 1.2.x (1.2.0)(1.2.2) 0.9.x (0.9.0-1.2.x)(0.9.1-1.2.x) 1.2.x (1.2.2)New.png 1.2.0 1.2.0 1.2.x 1.2.x site dropin 1.2.x
1.1.x 1.1.x - - 1.1.0 1.1.0 1.1.x - 1.1.x
1.0.x 1.0.x - - 1.0.0 1.0.0 - - 1.0.x
0.8.x 0.8.x - - 0.8.0 0.8.0 - - -


Capella Platform Architecture Java Eclipse Amalgam Kitalpha Sirius Git Diffmerge
1.4.x Win-Linux-Mac 64b 1.8.0.x 2019-06 1.11.x 1.4.x 6.3.x TBD TBD
1.3.x Win-Linux-Mac 64b 1.8.0.x Oxygen.3 1.10.x 1.3.x 6.1.x (1.3.0)(1.3.1) Oxygen.3 0.11.x (1.3.0)(1.3.1)
1.2.x Win-Linux-Mac 64b 1.8.0.x Neon.3 1.9.x 1.2.x 5.1.x (1.2.0)(1.2.1)(1.2.2) Neon.3 0.9.x (1.2.x)
1.1.x Win-Linux-Mac 32-64b Mars 1.8.x 1.1.x 4.1.x
1.0.x Win-Linux-Mac 32-64b Juno 1.7.x 1.0.x 3.1.x
0.8.x Win-Linux-Mac 32-64b Juno - 0.5.x 2.0.x