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Polarsys Members can propose activities they would like to propose as activities for 2018. Selection of funded activities will be operated during budget allocation per Steering Committee and each member choices.

You can provide small activities (bug fixing, small feature requests) or large activities (new projects or set of features).



  • Name of relevant objectives: [NAME AND URL of relevant goals]
  • Description:
  • Work to do:
  • Why is it relevant for Polarsys:
  • Which projects and solutions could be interested:
  • Bugs:

Create a configurable modern Activity Explorer

  • Name of relevant objectives: Create a modeling stack of frameworks for cloud and web modeling
  • Description: The goal is to refactore the existing Activity Explorer to be easily customizable by engineers without dev skills and to rely on web technologies.
  • Work to do: Create a web based front end, Create a JSON/Java bridge, Create a configuration environment, Create a Java server engine, Create bridge to several tools (Sirius, Papyrus, M2T, M2M, Validation, ...)
  • Why is it relevant for Polarsys: it will help engineers to follow a process and activities across several tools. It will dramatically improve the help provided to user. The configurability will improve the autonomous of engineers to adapt it to their own methodology.
  • Which projects and solutions could be interested: as it is at the methodological level, it is not dedicated to one project. It could be relevant to Capella, Papyrus UML, Papyrus SysML, Safety Architect
  • Bugs: